The Keep America Beautiful® Great American Cleanup, the nation’s largest community improvement program, runs every Spring.  According to the Keep America Beautiful 2020 National Litter Study, 90 percent of Americans believe litter is a problem in their community. Each year, the Great American Cleanup engages millions of volunteers and participants who take action in their local communities to create positive change and lasting impact.  Other facts from the litter study:

  • Nine out of ten pieces of litter on the ground in the U.S. were under four inches in size.
  • Cigarette butts continue to be the single most littered item in the United States.
  • Litter on America’s roads was down 54 percent since 2009.
  • At the material level, litter from all material types has decreased along roadways since 2009, but litter composed of plastic has decreased less than other types of materials. Overall, litter made from plastic comprises 38.6 percent of all litter across waterways and roadways combined.
  • There are 50 billion pieces of litter along U.S. roadways and waterways. 50 billion pieces of litter equate to 152 pieces of litter for every U.S. resident. People can visualize 152 pieces of litter where they live, and they can begin to see that the litter problem can be solved.

Keep Delaware Beautiful encourages everyone to plan a community clean-up project in their area during the Great American Clean-Up. To register your event, please fill out the form below.